Monday, January 9, 2012

Hong Kong

So mum and I have just arrived safe and sound in Hong Kong at our hotel in the heart of Kowloon (we are at the BP International Hotel for those that want to google maps it). The flight from Auckland was rather uneventful, filled with a load of movies. Anyway we were lucky enough to have a nice local lady ring our hotel for us and find the best bus stop for us to get off at, she then went and told the bus driver to stop for us at the right stop. Awesome. Tomorrow we are meeting up with Ivan and also Eheng's sister Evonye (for those of you who know Eheng) who just so happens to be in Hong Kong atm. Ivans kindly offered to take us around Hong Kong to the different markets, etc. So mint. Some photos will be following shortly (very few) will get quite a few more tomorrow.


  1. Woooohoooo! Blogging! Sorry I missed saying goodbye Joel. Was away up North and only got home yesterday. Anyways, glad you started a blog and I will be sure to follow you and your adventures :)
    Stay safe, have fun, god bless!