Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hong Kong - First full day

Wow, what a day. Firstly I would like to make the point that Ivan Kwok is a great tour guide and very generous. Anyway heres the outline of our day. Firstly we met him and Evonye in our hotel lobby around 915. Ivan had brought mum and I some breakfast which was this really nice sweet bread roll with a sort of almond paste in it. We then went to a Yum Cha via the clinical and very quick MTR Underground railway system for our proper breakfast our whatever. Basically its a sort of restaurant where you can choose from an assortment of savory foods and sweet, pastry like "entrees" for lack of a better word. People commonly go there for breakfast and lunch but not usually dinner, which is quite different to Kiwi dining. Mum and I were the only white people in the Yum Cha haha. We then went on the bus to Stanley Market where we bought a lot of cheap clothing (which could often be bartered for) plus all sorts of other bits and pieces. We then left Stanley market to go to Mong Kok which, according to Ivan, is probably the busiest part of Hong Kong, people everywhere, lots of neon signs and bright lights. Hong Kong is so lit up that you barely notice when the sun goes down and day becomes night. Anyway in Mong Kok we but up with Evonye's boyf and also Ivan's older brother, briefly meeting Ivan's bro's gf. In Mong Kok we did some more shopping at local stalls, including much bartering and ending in two satisfied Kiwis in regards to the day's shopping. Also found some hilariously bad translations on some magnets which had mum crying in laughter (over tiredness) which we also bought. Lastly we found a place to have dinner which was also really good, despite my eating a chill and taking half the table's drinks to try and put out the fire in my mouth. Thoroughly enjoyable day, its been brilliant touring HK with Ivan and Evonye. Tried many things and had a ton of different types of meat/seafood including Octopus, Oyster, Shark Fin, Prawn, Shrimp, Chicken, Beef, Pork and Crab to name a few. Pictures will be on Facebook while I will also post some on my blog. Good Evening from HK

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